Modway Lippa 78″ Oval Wood Top D…

Non-returnable.Damaged items will be replaced.See full return policyis the top a shiny or matte finish?Thank you for shoppign at Modishstore. It is more of a shiny top Will this table survive my 4 children? What is the table surface like? Easy to clean?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The lippa dining table is scratch resistant but will it survive the scratches of 4 children . that I dont know . We have never had any complains till now . ThanksCan you tell me roughly how long it would take to get the Modway Lippa 78" table to Green Bay, WI?Thank you for shopping at modishstore.It will take about 5 days to ship.It is a truck shipment and shipping time depends on address but is appx 1-2 weeksCan you please confirm that a dining chair with an arm height of 27.3 will fit under the table top when pushed in?
Thank you so much. I would like to order ASAP after I hear back.Thank you for shopping with the Modish Store.The height of the table is 28.5" with a table top thickness of 1".  The manufacturer recommends 1" between bottom of table top and top of arm chair.Please let us know if we can assist you further.Can you please confirm that this item can be shipped to New Canaan, CT by March 4th, as referenced in the description? Also, I've attempted to call you twice with no success. This is a bit of a concern???
Thank you

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