Basket Shaped Lamp

Add instant style and glamour to your home with these woven pendant lamps.  The perfect light for high ceilings or large spaces available in two sizes.  These lamps are created from hand-crafted palm leaf fiber frames with an internal translucent diffuser which softens the lamp's glow.Frame made from palm leaf fiber frames with a silky cream, yellow diffuser.Cloche shaped basket style, handwoven lamp.Available in 2 sizes: Large & Extra-largePlug-in fixture with a 12-15 ft jute show rope (can be shortened as desired) + load bearing wire cable.UL Listed for dry locations: 60-100 W bulb (not included); all hardware parts included for installationProvides direct and general light.The lamp was featured in the Architectural Digest as one of the trending lamps in its June 2019 edition.Read some expert advice on why bamboo and other grass lighting is better than wood lighting.Plug-in fixture with load-bearing wire and a jute rope (12-15 ft) + 2 hooks for looping the ropeUL listed components (dry installation only).Wattage: 60-100 W; Use of non-frosted Bulb recommended for appearanceLarge: 26" Dia x 25" H approxExtra Large: 30" Dia x 35" H approxSKU: AL926, AL927Brand: Artisan LivingImages courtesy The Scott Resort & Spa, which is part of  Classic Hotels & Resorts. The lamps in picture have been installed by the hotel on a bamboo stand (not available in store).PLEASE OPEN AND INSPECT ALL MERCHANDISE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT.For Returnable items, you must notify us within five (5) days of receipt that you wish for a return.A restocking fee of 20% will be charged on the return of all items. The customer will be liable to ship back the item to the warehouse and the refund will be net of the shipping cost incurred by the store.See full return policyWhat color is the cord if you don’t use the rope?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. There is a clear wire( clear  , whitish )  if you dont want to use the rope. Hi, do you currently have this light in stock, in size Large so that it will ship within 2 weeks? Thanks!HI Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. We are left with the last 2 of the Basket cloche lamp for the season and the rest come in December. Please inform if you are interested and we can call you to help you with this .   The stock position does change everyday Thanks Samit What kind of light bulb does this take? What is the max wattage?Thank you for shopping at modishstore. The maximum wattage allowed is 100 watts. Please ensure that the bulb is input correctly in the socket and does not touch the lamp shade. Please inform if you need any other help. Does the light come with a plug-in or hard wire?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The Roost Basket Cloche Lamp has a plug end . Thanks and hope to see you back at Modish Do you have trade prices for your products? Do you deliver to Spain?
Tnaks!Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. We do have trade prices on the items . Please fill up the form which will entail you  to a 10% discount on your purchases We can ship the basket cloche lamp to Spain . ( especially the smaller size ) . These are UL and not CE so you will need to buy a local converter. Please inform if you need any other help Does the rope come with the fixture? Is it intertwined with the cable? I need to lengthen the cord. Can I take out the light and install my own Will I be able to separate the rope from the cable and put it back together?Hi Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  The cable is seperate and the cord is seperate . Some people dont buy the rope at all Please inform if you need any other help Is the large size of this lamp (basket shaped lamp) in stock right now? And, does plug-in mean that you cannot have it hanging from your ceiling unless you find a wall outlet to lead the cord to? Thanks so much.Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. We do have these in stock and can be shipped within a few days of the order . This normally comes with a plug in but if you want we can send you a celing plate and the related parts so that you can convert to a ceiling lamp. ( it does take extra 4-5 days ) .Please inform if you need any other helpHello,

I would like to inquire please if your Basket Shape pendant SKU: AL926 is appropriate for use in Los Cabos, Mexico as far as voltage. Please advise. My email is maxinn@fdgdesigngroup if you prefer to send info via my email. Also please confirm if they are in stock, we need 2 pieces. Thank you.

MaxinnThank you for shopping at Modishstore. The basket lamp can be shipped to Mexico . The voltage can work in Mexico too. However we are currently out of stock of this item and will take appx 2 months to be back in stock .Please inform if you need any other helpHello, where is this lamp manufactured? Is it manufactured by hand or machines?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. This lamp is manufactured by hand and is made in ASia Please inform if you need any other helpWhat is the color of the rope that is used to hang the lamp. Is it a jute rope or a manila rope?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. This is actual jute rope. Please inform if you need any other message.Hello, can you please tell me what is the color of the diffuser around the bulb? Is it safe?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The color of the diffuser is white/ yellowish. Please inform if you need any other helpI am interested in the jumbo size. Does it have a difuser on the bottom of the shade? Wondering if you can see up.... using over an island. Thx!Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The difuser is there in the jumbo size too . Please inform if you need any other help 

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