Onyx Bowl – Natural Banded Onyx

Onyx, a semiprecious stone is carefully hollowed out, carved into a bowl shape from a single piece of natural stone. Care is taken to retain the organic shape, the jagged edges, and finely grained, translucent or cloudy gradients. The end product is a bowl that shows the mineral matrix and is almost unexpectedly diaphanous in places.Onyx is a banded quartz of silicate mineral which has parallel bands, thanks to the growth of silica crystals. The alternating bands in white, dove grey, tan and browns is a testament to the age of the stone and the geological pressures on it. Most of our onyx is mined in Brazil, India, and Mexico and completely hand-cut by artisans.We know every customer has unique choices, so after you place an order, we can send you a picture of the actual onyx bowl which will be shipped to you. Once you approve the picture, we will ship the bowl. Each Onyx bowl is very unique and we want the customer to be happy with his purchase. The pieces shown here are representative.Can you send me pics of the Large Onyx bowls (with dimensions) that you have in stock please before I purchase?Hello there,We would be quite happy to send you the pictures on your email address. Do write in at mini@modishstore.com with your email address so we can send you the latest pictures.Thanks. Hope this helps.Would you please send me a picture of a large onyx bowl you have on hand?Please inform the email address so that we can send pictures. Thanks I would like to see the large roost raw edge onyx bowls that you have in stock before I purchase the product. Please send the photos to my email so I will know if I even want to purchase one.

Thank youHello there,We have sent pictures of the bowls we have in our stock at your email address.Thank you for shopping at ModishStore!Samit @ModishstoreI would like to order the large onyx bowl. Can you please send me a few pictures of the ones you have.

Also, do you have a trade program?

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MeredithThank you for shopping at Modishstore. Please give me your email address and we will send you the photo. of the ones we have in stock . Please send us the email address. ThanksI love your onyx bowl. By any chance do you carry any larger sizes than the two listed?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. I am sorry but these are the only 2 sizes of inyx bowls which we carry . Please inform if you need any other help Thanks can you please tell me the size of the large Roost Raw Edge Onyx Bowl ?Thank you for visiting the Modish Store.The large Roost Raw Edge Onyx Bowl measures 12-15" in length x 12" wide x 5" high.  If you are interested in purchasing one of these bowls, we are happy to send you a photo of 2-3 we have in stock and you can choose the one you like.  Please let us know, if you have any additional questions, we can assist with.Thank you for shopping with the Modish Store.If the bowl is heated does the stone change color?We do not recommend placing the lovely stone bowls on heat. ThanksWhat care is recommended for these bowls?Thanks for your question. The bowls can be dusted with a soft non-abrasive cloth once in a while. Do not use any chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents. Do not put in the microwave or dishwasher.Please let us know if any other help is needed.Team ModishAre These bowls very fragile?Thank you for your question. These bowls are sculpted by hand out of Onyx stone. There is no artificial layer of substance applied over it. It is not fragile enough to disintegrate on its own but dropping it from a height would definitely cause damage. We recommend being careful with the bowls.Are these bowls only for show or can be used for keeping fruits etc?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. These bowls are only for for decorative purpose. They can be used with fillers, but since the bowls have very distinctive surfaces, we recommend keeping them empty. 4. In one of the pictures the bowls seem transparent. Can you shine a light through it?Thanks for your question. The bowl is carved out of natural onyx rock  and effort is made to keep the surface as thin as possible. Depending on the density of the mother rock some portions of the stone are translucent. Happy Shopping!Team ModishCan the Onyx bowl be used to burn charcoal ?We do not recommend burning anything in the bowl. Enjoy the beauty of the surface of the bowl. Thanks for your question. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Team ModishCan these bowls be heated in microwave? Are they dishwasher safe?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. This natural Onyx Stone Bowl should not be placed in the oven, dishwasher or microwave. We recommend it be cleaned when need be with a non-abrasive cloth with water and dried with a soft cloth.Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance. Happy ShoppingTeam ModishHello I am looking for an onyx bowl larger than the 2 sizes listed on the website. Do you have them?HI - Can you please tell me what size you want and we can surely get something for you .I saw a very large bowl in a. Store in Florida. It was
Similar to your raw edge free form onyx. Bowl but was 48” long by about 10” wide. It. Was sold and I am trying to find it .Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. Rearding your query on th Onyx Bowl, we do our own mining and producing of the onyx , so we can make anything - right from a stool to a table to a bowl of any size you want . It is just that it will take a longer time to get it from the mines to here in US . If you are ready to wait appx 3 months or so then we can make any item in onyx which you want . Please inform if you need any other help

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