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The palm shaped Buddha accent chair is a hot favorite with our customers. Interest is rising in Feng shui inspired décor and furniture and the open palmed Buddha garden chair is built as a motif of good feng shui. The hand is raised in the form of a blessing; it is believed that the fingertips are the source of energy flows which heal. The Palm shaped chair has a back rest made from the upraised fingers and the outstretched palm makes for the seat. The seat is 15" x 14" and is spacious enough for a comfortable perch.See our entire collection of hand-finished suar wood rustic Buddha hand chairs.The palm shaped accent chair is found in different shapes of the hand, known as mudra. The raised hand with fingers slightly bent is a mark of blessing. Whereas the forefinger joined with thumb is a mark of meditative state.The furniture is sculpted out of suar wood or South American Walnut, which comes from rain-tree. Suar wood is strong, durable, with a light yellow sapwood and rich honey-brown heartwood. The criss-cross nature of the grains bring about interesting designs and patterns on the wood. The beauty of the suar wood is that each criss-cross grain pattern is unique.Oriental furniture has simple, flowing lines and seamless curves. Designs are minimalist and follow the natural curve of wood. This adds a Zen-like vibe to any space. The advantage of a Buddha chair is that it can go with any kind of eclectic décor. Zen décor is most popular for enclosed spaces and uses natural elements like water, stones and greenery to add a serene but playful touch to the space.The palm shaped wooden chair is great for occasional seating or for additional seating in a covered patio or in a living room. Some of our customers have used this in a tiny breakfast bar.This chair is handcrafted out of natural suar wood and natural variations will occur. These variations are not to be considered as product defects.Product Dimensions: Height of back: 26"; Seat: 15" x 14"; height of seat: 16"Weight: approx 30 lbsMaterial: Suar WoodSKU: 47343Brand: Artisan LivingMaterial: Suar WoodColor: NaturalStyle: RusticType: Accent ChairsChair Back Height: Low BackAssembly Reqd Or Not: AssembledPattern: Solid PatternCushioned Or Not: No CushionArmed Or Not: ArmlessCare: We recommend that exposure to external elements should be minimized for all wooden furniture.Non-returnable.Damaged items will be replaced.See full return policywhat is the height from floor to tips of fingers? if seat height is 18 inches from the ground what is the total height of the chair? thanks!Thank you for shopping at modishstore.  The total height is appx 26- 28 inch . Please understand these are hand made so each piece is slightly different. Thanks So if the entire chair is only 18” tall (from the ground to the finger tips) then it’s not made to be sat in. Correct?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  Regarding your question on the chair , I am 6 feet and I have sat on the chair comfortably . It is a little tight but works . However i would not recommend to sit on it for extended hours at a stretch . Please inform if you need any other help Hi there, I'm still confused about the size of this chair. Is it 18 inches from the ground to the top of the finger tips, meaning it's a very small chair? And is the seat width 15 inches? Thank you!Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The height is 18 inch and  seat is 15 width. Please inform if you need any other help Can you please tell me the seat height of the chair?Thank you for shoppping at Modishstore. The seat height is 18 inch Please inform if you need any other help Hi there!

Can you give me the exact dimensions of this chair? is the 15x18 referring to the palm part of the chair? or is 18" the height of the finger tips? Thanks!Thank you for contacting the Modish Store. This chair is 18" all the way to the fingertips. According to the description, the finish is "natural". With this finish, is there any type of sealer? Or would this finish allow me to stain the wood a darker color?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The finish does have a natural finish . You can stain the chair to a darker color if you want . Please inform if you need any other helpThanks Seat height? Longest finger heart guy! Total width of chair. Is this A USEABLE CHAIR IR JUST A SCULPTURE?This is a usable chair . I use it all the time in my house in the garden .Hello I need to know if this is an adult chair? TyThank you for shoppign at Modishstore. Adults can sit on it but not for hours at a stretch . We have a much bigger chair if you are interested .Is there a weight limit?It is a small chair so the weight limit is 200 pounds . However it is not a big chair . thanks Would you say that this is a kids chair or an adult chair? Also do you have any more pictures that can show the actual size? Thank youYes we added a lot of pictures so that you can see the size . We also have larger chairs if you are inerested . Please inform if you need any help Hi,

is this a full size chair for an adult to sit in? From the dimensions it sounds too small?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The height is not too big so yes an adulat cannot sit on it for hours . Please inform if you need any other helpHi, I'm confused about the height of the chair. You have said in previous answers that the height from the ground to the top of the fingers is 18", and also that the total height is 26-28". Which is the real total height of the chair?Here is the dims Height of back: 26"; Seat: 15" x 14"; height of seat: 16"As we have mentioned many times this is not a big chair . This is more a chair for sitting short period of time for the elders and a chair for young adults .  We do get the bigger chairs also but they are more in the 800-900 dollar range thanksDoes this product look like the last picture or the others? I can’t gauge what it will look like in personThis is a natural chair and so the item does vary a ittle bit with batches . This is not a commercially produced item Please inform if you need anything elseHow much weight can this chair hold?Thank you for shopping at modishstore. The chair can handle 225 pounds as it  is suar wood . However you need to ensure you check the size of the chair and are comfortable with the size . This is not a big chair . Some competitors have the bigger chairs but they are worth a thousand dollars. This is a smaller chair .How to maintain this wood chair? Do I need to apply oil to the chair’s surface to keep it from chip and crack in the long run?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. You dont need to oil it very often .. Maybe once in 2-3 years. The small size is pretty small for everyday use .I would like a right hand and left hand chair. How do I order them both?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. You can add it in the notes to the order and we will send you accordingly. If we dont have it then we will call you to confirm . Thanks The two chairs in the pictures are very different colors. Which color is more consistent with the finished product, the lighter or darker wood? Thanks!Thank you for shopping at modishstore. Most of the items currently in stock are the darker ones . Please inform which one you are interested in . We are getting a new shipment in about 8-10 days ThanksWhat is the depth of the chair?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore . The depth is 15-16 inch . We have recently got the buddha jand chair in 2 other sizes - which have much more depth and height . We are a week or so away from selling those items . Please inform if you are interested in the bigger chairs and we can show them to youThanks Can you order a left and right hand?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. Yes you can order one left and one right hand chair. I do want to mention that it is appx 25 days for us to get delivery of these right hand  chairs.Please inform if you need to place the order as then we will make a special order for you and ensure we send you the right items . ThanksHello, could you please tell me what the depth of the chair is? Thank you!The depth of the chair is 15-16 inchWhen will this be back in stock? Would love to purchase it!The buddha chair is back in stock. We also have 3-4 other variants of the bddha chair in different size and shape . Please inform if you are interested in a bigger size and we can help you with that selection Thanks ModishstoreThe description says that the height of the chair is 18 inches, its that from the palm to the finger tip for is it from the ground to the finger tip?From ground to the the finger tip . We have a larger chair too if you want .  Those are much bigger in sizeCan this chair be kept outside?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. I live in California and i have it outside . However it will loose its color and shine like any wood . ober a long period of time .how much does the chair weigh?Thank you for  shoppign at Modishstore. Each of these is hand made so varies in weight . It weighs between 10 to 15 pounds. Please inform if you need any other help thanks 

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