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Nautical themed, hand knotted, pendant lamps bring up memories of fishermen's nets hung on poles by the sea. These lamps are created using the same knots that fishermen use for making meshes. Made out of dark brown twine, they have a rather large sized globe bulb suspended within it. Hand-crafted and made out of locally available organic twisted thread.  These lamps, are designed by native craftsmen of the Philippine Islands showcasing the best of sustainable lighting.Available in two sizes.   The medium measures  9" in diameter x 31" in height.  The large measures 12" in diameter x 49" in height.  Hang suspended from either the wall, ceiling or a pillar. Sold as a single unit.Medium Dimensions: 9" Dia x 31" HLarge Dimensions: 12" Dia x 49" HIncludes fifteen-foot cord set with standard plug end.UL listed components.40 watt max.SKU: AL230, AL231Brand: Artisan LivingPLEASE OPEN AND INSPECT ALL MERCHANDISE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT.For Returnable items, you must notify us within five (5) days of receipt that you wish for a return.A restocking fee of 20% will be charged on the return of all items. The customer will be liable to ship back the item to the warehouse and the refund will be net of the shipping cost incurred by the store.See full return policycan this fixture be wired to fit a junction box? i would like to hang above kitchen island.Thank you for shopping at the Modish Store. In regards to your question, the Roost Fish Catcher Hanging Lamps. This item can be hard wired with the help of an electrician.Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.Thank you for visting the Modish Store.Hey wondering if you ship to Australia and the cost for that. Also how long should it take to deliver?Thank you for shopping at modishstore. Yes we do ship to Australia . It would take about 2.5-3 weeks to deliver to Australia. Shipping is appx 100 $. Please inform if you need any other helpFrom the pictures, it appears that there is a round housing for the bulb inside of the fish netting. Is that accurate, or is the round part in the picture an actual bulb?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. What you are seeing within the net is actually a part of the bulb. There is no special round housing for the lampHiI am interested at two rooster fish catcher lamps.Are you delevering to Switserland as well?How much would you charge for the shipping?Thank you for your answerBest regardPeter LeurinkHI - Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The fish catcher hanging lamps can be delivered to Switzerland . I am sure it will require a voltage converter as this is US voltage . However they are not too difficult to find locally.

Thanks for visiting the storeCan these lights be collapsed in any way for shipping? I would like to fit one in my suitcase to bring home. It looks like they might be rather flexible as net and rings. Thanks.HI Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  These can be collapsed to a much smaller We do have a few of the small in stock and they can be shipped to you asap . The dims of the small are 12*11*11 and weight is 4 pounds.  However if you are can take it uot fo the box and into your suitcase then they can be reduced to very small. Do remember there is one cord which you will need to also keep. Thanks Wondering if you ship to Mexico, also the cost for that and how long should it take to deliver?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore.  In regard to your quesion if we can ship the Roost Fish catcher Hanging Lamp to Mexico , we do ship a lot fo these to Mexico. The cost of shipping depends on the number of units you want to buy.  We do have this fish catcher hanging lamp in stock and can be shipped to you within a few days of placing the order. The shiping time is normall 1-2 weeks Thanks and please inform if you need any other help ALL YOUR LIGHTING IT WAS ADAPETD FOR FRANCE 220W?
THANK YOUThank you for shopping at Modishstore. This is UL and for the US market. however you can easily buy a voltage convertor for the European market. Please inform if you need any other help.Does this lamp come with a bulb? What is the round globe ;lke structure that can be seen?A small diffuser glove inside . it is too beauty to the lamp . PLease inform if you need any other helpDo these lamps have to be assembled? Or do they come ready for installation?They are completely assembled .Does the price represent 1 light or 2? Confused by the pictureThiank you for shopping at Modishstore. This is the price of each unitCan these be used outside?Thank you for shopping at Modisshtore. I am so sorry but this is not suitable for outside .  This is made of natural jute and fibre . Please inform if you need any other help ThanksDoes this lamp come spread out or is it collapsed? If it comes collapsed how is it assembled?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. This lamp collapses and so does not need to be assembled. It is not spread out when shippedCan I buy just the globes inside that covers the bulbs? I’ve had my lights for years, just moved and both of the globes were cracked and broken. Please let me know or where I can get the globes. NancyThank you for shopping at Modishstore. As per our email this does not come with goblets now ThanksAre these fixtures suitable for contract use? We would like to use it in a restaurant in Miami.
What material are they made of?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The Roost fish catcher lamp has been used in many restaurants in Florida as they go very wel witht he theme of the restaurants there. 
They are made out fo fishing nets .  
Please inform if  you need any other help 
Thank you 

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