Artisan Living Driftwood Candela…

The Artisan Living Driftwood Candelabra is a beautiful centerpiece for any dining room table., mantelpiece, sideboard, or a wedding table. It can be used for festive occasions like Christmas or Hannukah or any festival of lights. Available in horizontal and vertical orientations. The driftwood is collected from river and sea shores, where it washes up, weathered by the forces of nature. Select pieces of driftwood are repurposed to create these dramatic candelabras.Wind and waves begin the weathering process of driftwood and then it is completed by bleaching using an eco-safe peroxide and sanding the wood.The horizontal piece is fitted with seven metal discs to elevate votive or small pillar candles. while the vertical piece has five discs. The Artisan LivingDriftwood Candelabra is the perfect way to bring the outdoors to the indoors.What are the dimensions of the horizontal piece?
What are the dimensions of the vertical piece?
What’s the price difference between the two?Thank you for shopping at Modishstore. The dims are as follows 

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